Little Death Orchestra
Meet the Orchestra

Michael Burdett

Little Death Orchestra is the brainchild of Michael Burdett. He has written music for many television programmes and documentaries, adverts and theatrical performances.

Richard Cottle

Richard Cottle, Michael’s co-collaborator on many television projects, plays additional keyboards on Little Death Orchestra's first CD. He is well-known for his work with David Bowie, The Alan Parsons Project, Seal, Manic Street Preachers and McFly.

Saul and Rico Gurima

The Gurima brothers are two incredibly gifted musicians. Although relatively unknown in Britain, the brothers have backed some of the biggest acts in the world at stadium venues in their native Mexico. Michael first met them after seeing them at a Hawkwind gig, and immediately got them into the studio to provide orchestral percussion and vibes on a documentary soundtrack.

Bob Morgan

Sax player and clarinetist Bob Morgan joined Little Death Orchestra for their only British live show to date at The Union Chapel in London back in 2004. He played on Shudder, The Nothing Room, The Wintering and This and That Way.

Simon Hanhart

Simon Hanhart mixed both the album and the single. Among his recent credits are albums for Cerys Matthews and Tyler Rix. He also co-produced the multi-award winning single Perfect Day for the BBC featuring Bono, Elton John and The Brodsky Quartet and has worked with a diverse variety of acts including Marillion, Stiff Little Fingers, Lesley Garrett and Brian May.

Peter Mew at Abbey Road

Peter Mew, one of the unsung heroes of the music industry, mastered the original LDO album back in 2002 at Abbey Road Studios in London. He also recently applied his magic to The Beckoning Bell. His work mastering albums for everybody from Syd Barrett to Frank Sinatra, Sting and the Beatles, is without compare.

Richard Burdett

Richard Burdett co-produced the first Little Death Orchestra album, he runs a company called Other Projects.

Alasdair Wallace

Alasdair Wallace painted the cover picture 'Big Drum.' He is one of Scotland's most bizarre and exciting artists. After hearing an unmixed copy of the original Little Death Orchestra CD, Alasdair was delighted to grant permission to use the picture for the album. He is represented by the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London.

Theo Tagholm

Theo Tagholm directed the video for The Beckoning Bell. The London-based director is constantly developing new camera techniques and is quite simply a genius.

Neil Burnell

Neil Burnell assisted on The Beckoning Bell video shoot and took the still photographs for the Little Death Orchestra site.

Grainger & Wolff

Jon Grainger and David Wolff did the original design for the first Little Death Orchestra album.

Verything Design

Brighton based website agency designed and constructed the Little Death Orchestra website.